[at Last the pending Danger…]

So Now that we have Discussed
all the things the Ministry LLC does for a common person,
Let us Now contemplate
the lacuna what would be left
were the Ministry LLC never to have existed.

It would be like This:
We would have fewer Questions
but also fewer Answers.
We would have more Movement
but also more Strife.
We would have more Wisdom
but also more negatory outcomes.
We would be
filled with unplanned Choices.

Unplanned Choice destroys all in its path.

—Mark Chapter’s White Book,
Chapter 7.07


[so what is Peace?]

Nothing is more important to the world than Peace.
Its presence is announced by non-events.
We never notice it until it departs our view.
When there is Peace,
there is little to report,
no reason to tell stories,
only silence greets it at the intersection of life and time.

In fact,
Peace itself is Nothing.

—Mark Chapter’s White Book,
Chapter 5.02


[on Categories]

When I contemplate putting them into categories.
When they smile as I point them to the right department.
As I sit in my assigned seat,
and gaze upon the glow of the Red Pen,
I know It Is a Good, Better Place that we inhabit;
a Greater Order that we strive to grow.
One day the entire world will know this Peace.

—Mark Chapter’s White Book,
Chapter 4.12